India Visa for Angola Citizens

Welcome to your detailed guide on obtaining an Indian visa if you are an Angolan citizen. This article is designed to simplify the visa application process by providing all the essential information you need, formatted in an easy-to-understand language, complete with headings, sub-headings, lists, and tables to make your navigation through the process as smooth as possible.

Do Angolan Citizens Require a Visa for India?

Yes, Angolan citizens are required to have a visa to travel to India unless they are Indian. Various types of Indian e-visas are available, such as visas for tourists, businesses, and e-conferences. Citizens of Angola may apply online for a short-term visitation visa using the electronic visa (e-Visa) system.

Introduction to Indian Visa Requirements for Angolan Citizens

India, a nation with various cultures and beautiful scenery, attracts visitors worldwide, including Angola. Whether you want to visit the bustling bazaars of Mumbai, the historic forts of Rajasthan, or the serene backwaters of Kerala, obtaining a visa is your first step. This guide will cover various types of visas available for Angolan citizens, the application process, required documents, fees, and some tips for a successful visa application.

Types of Indian e-Visas

Depending on why you are visiting India, there are various visa options available. Below is a table outlining the main visa types, their purpose, validity, etc.

India e-Visa Category



Multiple Entries

Benefits for Angolan Citizens

e-Tourist Visa (e-TV)

Sightseeing, Leisure Travel, Visiting Family/Friends, Cultural Events

Single or Double Entry (Max 180 days)


The convenient online application eliminates physical visa stamping for eligible countries.

e-Business Visa (e-BV)

Business Activities (Meetings, Conferences, Market Research)

180 days


Expedited business travel allows multiple visits within a validity period.

e-Conference Visa (e-CV)

Attending Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

Single Entry (30 days)


Streamlines visa process for conference participation.

e-Medical Visa (e-MV)

Medical Treatment in India

Varies based on treatment (60 days)

Varies based on treatment

Access to authorised medical care in India.

e-Medical Attendant Visa (e-MAV)

Accompanying e-Medical Visa Holder

Co-terminus with e-Medical Visa (60 days)


Allows companion to support Angolan patient during medical treatment.

e-Ayush Visa (e-AY)

Treatment under Ayush System (Traditional Indian Medicine)

Varies based on treatment

Varies based on treatment

Access to traditional Indian medical practices for holistic healthcare.

e-Ayush Attendant Visa (e-AY Attendant)

Accompanying e-Ayush Visa Holder

Co-terminus with e-Ayush Visa


Allows companion to support Angolan patient during Ayush treatment.

e-Emergency X-Misc Visa

Emergency/Exceptional Circumstances (Currently Unavailable)




Overview of Purposes Covered by Indian e-Visa Types

Certainly! Here's a more detailed and sequentially organised description of the purposes for each type of Indian e-visa:

E-Visa Categories and Their Detailed Purposes

  • e-Tourist Visa (e-TV)
    • Purpose: Designed for individuals visiting India primarily for tourism.
  • Activities Included:
    • Sightseeing and exploring India's natural and urban landscapes.
    • Leisure travel for relaxation and recreation.
    • Visiting family and friends residing in India.
    • Attending cultural events, festivals, and other public gatherings.
  • e-Business Visa (e-BV)
    • Purpose: Facilitates business-related travels to India for international visitors.
  • Activities Included:
    • Attending business meetings, discussions, or negotiations.
    • Participating in trade fairs, exhibitions, and business conferences.
    • Establishing industrial or business ventures.
    • Conducting sales or market research activities.
  • e-Conference Visa (e-CV)
    • Purpose: Issued to individuals attending conferences, seminars, or workshops in India.
  • Activities Included:
    • Participating in events organised by government bodies, public sector undertakings, or recognised academic or scientific institutions.
    • Engaging in academic, scientific, trade, or business conferences.
  • e-Medical Visa (e-MV)
    • Purpose: Granted to those seeking medical treatment in established and recognised hospitals or treatment centres in India.
  • Activities Included:
    • Undergoing medical treatments, including consultations, surgeries, or therapy.
    • Receiving specialised medical care for various health conditions.
  • e-Medical Attendant Visa (e-MAV)
    • Purpose: Issued to family members or attendants accompanying a patient holding an e-Medical Visa.
  • Activities Included:
    • Assisting and caring for the patient during medical treatment in India.
    • Accompanying the patient throughout the treatment period and assisting in daily activities.
  • e-Ayush Visa (e-AY)
    • Purpose: Specifically for individuals intending to undergo treatment through traditional Indian medicinal practices under the AYUSH system (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy).
  • Activities Included:
    • Receiving holistic treatments and therapies offered under the AYUSH system.
    • Participating in wellness programs that incorporate traditional Indian medicinal practices.
  • e-Ayush Attendant Visa (e-AY Attendant)
    • Purpose: Designed for attendants accompanying a patient holding an e-Ayush Visa.
  • Activities Included:
    • Supporting the patient during their treatment with AYUSH modalities.
    • Helping with travel and accommodation related to the patient’s AYUSH treatment.
  • e-Emergency X-Misc Visa
    • Purpose: Issued in emergencies where an individual needs to travel to India urgently.
  • Activities Included:
    • Addressing extraordinary circumstances like legal issues, serious illnesses or deaths in the family requiring immediate presence in India.

Common Eligibility Criteria for e-Visa Services

To be eligible for e-Visa services to India, applicants must meet the following standard criteria:

    • Nationality: Applicants must be nationals from countries listed on the e-Visa website.
    • Purpose of Visit: You can only obtain the visa for the above-mentioned purposes.
    • Validity of Passport: The passport must have two blank pages and be valid for at least 6 months at the time of application.
    • Travel Documents: Applicants should have a return or onward journey ticket and sufficient funds to stay in India.
  • Restrictions:
    • Unable to Pakistani nationals or those of Pakistani origin, individuals with Pakistani parents or grandparents.
    • Not available to owners of official passports, laissez-passer passports, diplomatic passports, or other international travel authorisation.
    • Not available for individuals endorsed on a parent's/spouse's or spouse's passport; each individual must possess a separate passport.

These criteria ensure that the e-Visa application process targets eligible travellers, facilitating legal and orderly entry into India for specific purposes.

Documents Requirement for Indian e-Visa for Angolan Citizens

To apply for an Indian e-Visa, travellers from Angola must provide the following documents, regardless of the type of e-Visa they are applying for:

  • Valid Angolan Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for your intended stay in India.
  • Digital Copy of Passport Biographical Page: Scan and upload your passport page containing your personal information as a digital copy.
  • Recent Passport-Style Photo: Submit a recent photograph of yourself that meets the specifications for a passport-style photo.
  • Email Address: Provide an email address to receive communications regarding your e-Visa application.
  • Credit or Debit Card Details: Provide the details of a credit or debit card to pay the processing fee for your e-Visa application.

Additional Requirements for Angola Business e-Visa Applicants

For Angolan citizens applying for a Business e-Visa to India, the following additional documents are required:

  • Business Card: Must include details of the host company in India.
  • Letter of Invitation: A formal letter from an India-registered company detailing the visit's purpose, activities planned, and contact information for individuals you will meet.
  • Evidence of Funds: Present bank statements or other financial records to prove you have enough money to cover your stay in India.

Please check the Indian e-Visa website for specific requirements related to Angolan citizens.

Photo Requirements for Indian Visa Application

Format and Size:

  • Format: JPEG
  • Size: Minimum 10 KB, Maximum 1 MB


  • Minimum: 350 pixels x 350 pixels

Photo Appearance:

  • Recent, front-facing photograph.
  • White or light-coloured background.
  • Full face, front view, eyes open, no spectacles.
  • Head centred, from top of hair to bottom of chin visible.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Do not use a cropped passport image as the photo.
  • The application may be rejected if the photo needs to be clarified or meets the specifications.

Requirements for Angolan Patients Applying for an Indian Medical e-Visa

In addition to the regular procedures, Angolan patients and their companions travelling to India for medical treatment are required to present the following document:

  • A letter from the medical facility or hospital: Obtain a letter from the Indian hospital or clinic where you are scheduled to receive care. This letter should confirm your appointment and provide details of the planned treatment.

Please check the Indian e-Visa website for any specific guidelines applicable to Angolan citizens.

How to Apply for an Indian e-visa?

To Apply for the Indian e-visa, Angola citizens must follow these steps:-

Step 1: Fill Out the Online Application

Visit the Indian Visa Online portal and complete the Indian visa application form. Make sure to fill out all required fields accurately to avoid delays.

Step 2: Submit Necessary Documents

Compile and submit all necessary documents. The required paperwork consists of a copy of the passport page with personal details and the National ID Card. Additionally, applicants may optionally provide proof of residence and evidence of occupation.

Step 3: Pay the Visa Fee

Complete the payment online as per the instructions on the portal. Keep a copy of the receipt for your records.

Step 4: Track Your Application

Once your application has been submitted, you can use the reference number you were given to check the status of it online.

Step 5: Approval and Delivery:

The visitor receives the visa immediately by email upon approval of the application.

Cost and Processing time for an Indian e-visa for Angolan citizens

Indian e-Visa Costs

The cost of an Indian e-visa for Angolan citizens depends on the type of visa, the number of entries, and the chosen processing speed. To find the exact fees, visit the India visa feepage, which provides both a fee table and a fee calculator tailored to your specific requirements.

Processing Times

The processing time for an Indian visa for Angolan citizens varies based on the application type and urgency:

  • Normal Processing Time: Typically, it takes 3-5 working days to process a standard Indian visa application for Angolan citizens.
  • Urgent Processing Time: Urgent processing is available for those needing expedited service and is generally completed within 1-3 working days with some extra cost charged.

Please note: If an applicant has multiple valid passports, damaged or expired passports, holds valid visas, or has submitted multiple visa applications, the government may need up to 4 days to make a decision.

Tips for a Successful Visa Application

Ensure compliance with the following document specifications:

  • Make sure all of the documents you upload—including invitation letters and business cards—are in English, in PDF format, and have a file size of no more than 300 KB. Your application for an e-visa may be denied if you do not meet these standards.
  • Upload the passport photo page containing your name, nationality, date of birth, and expiration date.
  • Ensure the uploaded passport photo page matches the details provided in the Passport Details section.
  • The application may be accepted if uploaded documents are clear or meet the specifications.

Additional Tips

  • Double-check all your entries and documents before submission.
  • Apply early to allow enough time for processing.
  • Be honest and provide complete information to avoid rejection of an application.


Applying for an Indian visa as an Angolan citizen involves understanding the types of visas available, gathering the required documents, and following the application process carefully. With this guide, you're now better prepared to navigate this process, ensuring a smooth journey to India. Remember to plan your trip well in advance and keep abreast of any travel advisories or visa changes that could affect your plans.

Safe travels as you prepare to explore the incredible diversity and heritage of India!


  • What's the easiest way to get an Indian Visa from Angola?

    For most Angolan travellers, the e-visa (electronic visa) is the easiest option. It allows online application, eliminating the need for physical visa stamping (if eligible).

  • Which type of e-visa should I apply for as an Angolan citizen visiting India?

    The most suitable e-visa depends on your travel purpose. Consider options like the e-Tourist Visa (sightseeing, leisure), e-Business Visa (business activities), or e-Medical Visa (medical treatment).

  • After arriving in India with an e-visa, is it possible to prolong my stay?

    E-visa extensions for Angolan citizens are generally impossible, but check with Indian authorities upon arrival for rare exceptions; consider a Regular Visa for more extended stays.

  • What happens if my Indian Visa application gets rejected?

    Review the reason for the rejection and address any errors. After correcting the issue, you can reapply if applicable. For further guidance, consider contacting the Indian e-visa website.

  • Where can I find the latest information on Indian Visa requirements for Angolan citizens?

    You can find more information on the Indian e-visa website.

  • Can I use my Indian visa to travel to other countries?

    An Indian Visa is valid only for entering and staying in India. It doesn't grant access to other countries, even for transit purposes.

  • Is there a medical exam required for an Indian Visa application from Angola?

    Generally, a medical exam is not mandatory for most e-Visa categories. However, if you're applying for an e-Medical Visa, specific medical reports related to your treatment might be required.

  • What are the port of entry restrictions for Angolan citizens with e-visas?

    Not all Indian airports or seaports accept e-Visa holders. It's crucial to check the designated entry points where e-visa holders can arrive in India (information on Indian e-visa websites).

  • What currency exchange options are available for Angolan citizens at Indian airports?

    Most major Indian airports offer currency exchange facilities where you can convert your Angolan Kwanza (AOA) to Indian Rupee (INR) upon arrival.

  • Is travel insurance mandatory for obtaining an Indian Visa from Angola?

    It is advisable to have travel insurance for any foreign trip, including your vacation to India, even though it is not necessary for the visa application procedure itself. It provides financial security in case unforeseen events occur while travelling.

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