Angola Privileged Visa

Angola is a country located in South-Central Africa, known for its rich culture, history, and diverse natural resources. In order to enter Angola for any purpose, including business, tourism, or work, individuals must have the appropriate visa. One such visa is the Angola Privileged Visa, which is a type of visa that offers several benefits and privileges to the holder.

A privileged visa is granted by an Angolan diplomatic or consular mission to a foreign investor, representative, or attorney of an investment company. This allows the holder to enter Angola and operate under more favorable terms than normal immigrants for the purpose of implementing an approved investment proposal under the Private Investment Law.

Angola's Privileged visa allows multiple entries, a stay of up to 2 years and these may be extended. If you apply for a visa in Angola, the local authorities will issue it by declaring that they approve of your investment.

If necessary, a privileged visa holder may apply for a residence permit.

Required Documents for Angola Privileged Visa

In this article, we will outline all of the required documents that must be submitted in order to obtain an Angola Privileged Visa.

  • Passport: The first and most important document that must be submitted is a valid passport. The passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Angola, and must contain two blank pages.
  • Photographs: Two recent passport-sized photographs must be submitted, taken against a white background and showing a clear, frontal view of the face.
  • Application Form: The next step is to fill out the Angola Privileged Visa application form. The form must be completed in full, with all required information, and must be signed by the applicant.
  • Invitation Letter: An invitation letter from the inviting company or organization in Angola must be submitted. The letter should state the purpose of the visit, the duration of stay, and the name and contact information of the inviting party.
  • Business Plan: For business travelers, a detailed business plan is required that outlines the purpose of the visit and the specific activities that will be undertaken during the stay.
  • Proof of Financial Means: Applicants must provide evidence of sufficient financial means to cover their expenses while in Angola. This can be in the form of bank statements, credit card statements, or other financial documents.
  • Health Insurance: All applicants must provide proof of health insurance that covers the entire period of their stay in Angola. This can be an international health insurance policy or a policy from a local insurance company in Angola.
  • Criminal Record Certificate: All applicants must submit a criminal record certificate from their home country, issued by the appropriate authorities. This document must be translated into Portuguese and legalized by the Angolan embassy.
  • Employment Letter: For applicants who are employed, a letter from their employer is required, confirming their employment status and the purpose of their trip to Angola.
  • Hotel Booking: Applicants must provide proof of hotel reservations for the entire period of their stay in Angola.
  • Return Flight Ticket: A confirmed return flight ticket is required to demonstrate that the applicant has the means to return to their home country at the end of their stay in Angola.
  • Certificate of Registration for Private Investment :
    • Which must include the name, address and other identifying information of the investor.
    • The procedural regime
    • The financial and economic value of the investment
    • The implementation of the policy is expected to be completed by
    • The location of the investment; headquarters and signature of ANIP’s head, authenticated with its white seal
  • Declaration Form : From the Angolan institution that approves and authenticates foreign investment projects (Original authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • Proof of license: For the purposes of importing capital investment into Angola, which must be issued by Banco Nacional de Angola (BNA)

Obtaining an Angola Privileged Visa requires the submission of several important documents, including a valid passport, photographs, application form, invitation letter, business plan, proof of financial means, health insurance, criminal record certificate, employment letter, hotel booking, and return flight ticket. It is important to carefully review the requirements and gather all necessary documents before submitting the visa application. This will help to ensure a smooth and efficient visa process and will increase the chances of obtaining the Angola Privileged Visa.

Application Process:-

The Angola Privileged Visa is a type of visa that offers several benefits and privileges to the holder, including the ability to stay in Angola for a longer period of time, access to a range of services, and the ability to engage in various business and commercial activities. In order to obtain an Angola Privileged Visa, individuals must follow a specific application process.

In this article, we will outline the steps involved in the application process for an Angola Privileged Visa.

  • Gather required documents: The first step in the application process is to gather all of the required documents, which include a valid passport, two recent passport-sized photographs, a completed visa application form, an invitation letter, a business plan, proof of financial means, health insurance, criminal record certificate, employment letter, hotel booking, and a return flight ticket.
  • Submit the application: The next step is to submit the visa application, along with all required documents, to the Angolan embassy or consulate in the applicant's home country. The embassy or consulate may also have additional requirements, such as an interview or additional documentation, so it is important to check with them before submitting the application.
  • Pay the visa fee: The visa fee must be paid at the time of application. The fee amount varies depending on the type of visa, the duration of stay, and the number of entries into Angola. The visa fee must be paid in local currency or by credit card, and a receipt must be obtained.
  • Wait for processing: Once the application has been submitted, the processing time will vary depending on the embassy or consulate. It is important to check with the relevant authorities for the estimated processing time and to follow up regularly to ensure that the application is being processed in a timely manner.
  • Attend an interview: Some applicants may be required to attend an interview with a consular officer, either in person or by telephone. The purpose of the interview is to verify the information provided in the visa application and to determine the applicant's eligibility for the Angola Privileged Visa.
  • Receive the visa: If the application is approved, the applicant will receive the Angola Privileged Visa, which will be stamped in their passport. The visa will indicate the duration of stay, the number of entries into Angola, and any other restrictions or conditions that apply.
  • Enter Angola: The final step is to enter Angola using the Angola Privileged Visa and to comply with all relevant laws and regulations during the stay. This includes respecting the terms of the visa, avoiding any activities that may result in the revocation of the visa, and leaving Angola at the end of the stay.

The application process for an Angola Privileged Visa involves several steps, including gathering required documents, submitting the application, paying the visa fee, waiting for processing, attending an interview, receiving the visa, and entering Angola. It is important to follow the process carefully and to be prepared to provide all required information and documentation. By doing so, individuals can increase their chances of obtaining the Angola Privileged Visa and having a successful trip to Angola.

Processing Time for Angola Privileged Visa

The average processing time for an Angola Privileged Visa is 30-60 calendar days. It depends on where you apply, but this will give you a general idea of how long it might take.

Angola Privileged Visa Fee

The Angola Privileged Visa cost is 250-450 USD, depending on your nationality and home country.

Additionally, you'll need to pay other administrative fees such as the Visa Application center fee, courier service fee (these vary depending on which country and location your documents are submitted from).

Where to Apply for Angola Privileged Visa?

An Angola privileged visa can be applied for at the nearest Angola embassy or consulate. When applying for a privileged visa, it is important to check the specific documents and information required for the application.

Important tips for traveling to Angola:-

  • Visas: Make sure to check the visa requirements for Angola and obtain the necessary visa before traveling.
  • Health: Angola is a yellow fever endemic country, so it is recommended to get vaccinated before traveling. Make sure to also bring any necessary medications and check the latest information on health and safety in Angola.
  • Safety: Angola has a high level of crime, especially in cities, so it is important to take precautions to ensure personal safety. Avoid walking or traveling alone at night, be aware of your surroundings, and keep valuables and important documents secure.
  • Money: The currency in Angola is the Kwanza (AOA). It is advisable to bring a mix of cash and credit/debit cards for ease of use, but be aware that ATM availability may be limited in some areas.
  • Language: Portuguese is the official language in Angola, but many people speak local languages as well. It may be useful to learn some basic Portuguese phrases before traveling.
  • Culture: Angola has a rich cultural heritage and it is important to be respectful of local customs and traditions while traveling. This includes being mindful of dress codes, especially when visiting religious sites, and avoiding public displays of affection.
  • Transportation: When traveling within Angola, it is recommended to use registered taxis or pre-booked private transportation. Public transportation can be unsafe, so it is advisable to avoid it if possible.

By following these tips, you can help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip to Angola.